Down into the Ruins


The party cautiously decended the staircase into the ruins. The staircase led them to a room filled with barrels of rancid wine. After fleeing from the noxious odors, they followed the corridor and encountered a Bugbear. They quickly smited the bugbear.

The party continued along the winding corridors, and found a room with a door. After the rogue unlocked the heavy door, they went into a room filled with a permanent fog. The room is apparently empty, save a single hallway. The party found the hallway, and it led to a room that appeared to have been some sort of torture chamber. The rogue managed to disable a trap device in the hallway. After going back thru the room with fog, they found that the hallway had a porticullus that had dropped halfway down. Quickly, they wiggled under the porticullis and countinued to the main corridor.

The party found a room with a large trash heap in one corner. They were quickly bombarded by an invisible foe. After several party members jumping into the rubbish heap and throwing much trash in the air, Awa kindly advised them where the foe was. The invisible foe quickly disappeared, and Awa informed them that it was a dretch, a minor devil.

The party entered a large hallway, and found a hidden door in the wall. The door led to a very narrow hallway, at the end of which was a small store room filled with edible food and full water barrels. The room had a sky light in it, which was somehow protected from allowing rain and creatures to enter the room. The party slept here for the night.

After refilling rations and water from the room, the party continued on. They encountered a room with a deep well in it. After determining that the well was several hundred or more feet deep, they decided to continue on. In the corridor, the party found a small statue, and Roywin immediately started to pay homage to it, seeing that it was of the gnome god Glittergold – Glittergold smiled upon Roywin, and granted her 2 extra hit points and 3 gold pieces.

The party continued along the corridor, and Awa quickly informed them that one of her ‘friends’ she liked to ‘play’ with was in the corridor. The ‘friend’ turned out to be a poly-morphing imp. Mist decided to carry the corpse of the imp, thinking that it might come in useful later. After defeating the imp, the party encountered a room with several doors in in. The chests in the room had rotting clothing in them, and appeared to have become nests for rats.

The party heard voices from one of the corridors, and decided they would go check it out. After following the winding corridor, the party found that they noises were from a band of 10 Kobolds. The party put up quite a fight, and managed to kill off all the Kobolds, but not without much damage being incurred. Kelgore sliced off his left pinky toe, and was severely damaged. Mist now has finely made Kobold armor that he took off of the lead Kobold. Awa, seeing how injured Kelgore was, suggested that they continue along to see one of her friends, named Puppy. Puppy was in a hidden room, and turned out to be a Blink Dog.

After Awa explained the situation to Puppy, Puppy kindly blinked the party back to town and quickly disappeared. Kelgore was quickly taken into the inn, and the innkeeper quickly sent his son to fetch a healer and wizard.



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